My book of collected articles 2007-2017.

My book of collected articles 2007-2017.

I am a Swedish author and freelance writer based in Los Angeles, where I live with my daughter. I frequently return to my home base in Stockholm, where my editors and publisher are located.

I work as a staff book critic at daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet but I also work for a range of other newspapers and magazines as a cultural critic, columnist and I do profile interviews and features.

In 2020 I have two books coming out. Both have been in the making for many years, and the titles are waiting to be announced, but I’ll tell you this:

  • The spring brings a personal essay/memoir about the conflict between writing and parenting.

  • The fall offers my debut novel, about the life of June Mansfield Miller – the wife of author Henry Miller (the Mona of his novels) and the love interest in Anaïs Nin’s "Henry & June".

Both will be published by Swedish publisher Natur o Kultur, and translation rights will be offered to US publishers during the 2019/2020 book fairs.

Photo: Mondial

Photo: Mondial

The main subjects I tend to navigate in my writing are literature, art, contemporary culture, intersectional feminism, children’s rights and spirituality.

A book of my collected articles 2007-2017 came out in 2017, published by Mondial. It’s called "Frihet, jämlikhet & systerskap" (Freedom, Equality & Sisterhood). 

I have been a regular guest in a range of network TV and national public radio shows in Sweden. For example, the popular morning show Malou efter tio and evening show Breaking News

For some years (5 printed issues) I ran a bilingual literary magazine of contemporary Swedish literary fiction called CONST Literary Preview, and I have published three children's books (two of which are available in English here and here).


I was born in 1985 in a small town in Sweden but I have lived outside the country for over a decade, in total. I have been a vegetarian and interested in yoga and meditation for over 15 years. I worked as a model internationally for some years and I have done some acting as well (with small parts in the feature movies Blondie, Something’s Got to Break and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Since 2010 freelance writing is my full time job.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more!